Image galleries and scholarship on artistic interpretations of Dante

A 21st-Century Illuminated Manuscript and the Artistic Tradition of Dante’s Inferno

A contemporary artist hand-letters and illustrates the Inferno, reviving the medieval manuscript tradition in the 21st century. (George Cochrane)

An Architect’s Vision of Dante’s Hell

A professional architect based in Brazil visually represents the spatial issues inherent in Dante's conception of hell in this series of four videos. (Paulo de Tarso Coutinho)

William Blake and The Divine Comedy

The 19th-century English poet, painter and printmaker visually interprets Dante's Commedia in the Romantic Age. (Silvia De Santis)

Diagramming Dante

A commentary on astronomical periphrases in the Divina Commedia, with astronomical diagrams (Louis J. Moffa, Jr.)

Birk Illustrations

Contemporary artist Sandow Birk interprets and illustrates the Commedia with scenes from 21st century urban American life. (Kristina Olson)

Dante’s Tre Giri of Paradiso 33

An examination of Dante’s description of the shape, motion, size, color, and configuration of the three giri (“rounds”) of the Trinity in Paradiso 33.115-120, in order to envision what the Pilgrim “saw” when looking at this great Mystery. (Arielle Saiber with Aba Mbirika)

Illustrations from Early Printed Editions of the Commedia

Drawn from the collections of Columbia's own Rare Book and Manuscript Library. (Jane Siegel)

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