Original research of a historicist bent

Dante Alighieri: A Chronology

A timeline of important historical and biographical events in Dante's lifetime.

Dante’s Life (1302-1310): Showing Divergences between Carpi and Inglese

A chart highlighting biographical claims made about Dante Alighieri by Carpi and Inglese

Immanuel of Rome and Dante

Immanuel of Rome: The Hebrew and Italian writings by a Jewish contemporary of Dante.

Teddy Roosevelt, Dante, and the Man in the Arena

An exploration of President Theodore Roosevelt as a reader of Dante’s Commedia.

Dante, the European Cloth Trade, and the Battle of the Golden Spurs

A historical overview of the connections between the European wool trade, Flanders, and the Battle of the Golden Spurs in Dante's Commedia.

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