Julie Van Peteghem (Associate Editor)

Julie Van Peteghem is Assistant Professor of Italian in the Department of Romance Languages at Hunter College, CUNY, where she teaches courses on medieval Italian literature and culture, Italian language and translation. She is Associate Editor of Digital Dante and the Editor of the Intertextual Dante project on the site. She earned her PhD in Italian and Comparative Literature from Columbia University; the Intertextual Dante project grew out of her dissertation research on Ovidian intertextuality in Dante’s Divine Comedy. She is currently completing her first book, Italian Readers of Ovid from the Origins to Petrarch, a historicized study of Ovid’s influence on Italian poetry of the Due and Trecento. Her work has appeared in Humanist Studies & the Digital Age, Italian Studies, and she has an essay forthcoming in Studi Danteschi.

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