Akash Kumar

profileAkash Kumar is Visiting Assistant Professor of Italian Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz and Associate Editor of Digital Dante, having served as Managing Editor from 2014-2016. He earned his Ph.D. in Italian and Comparative Literature from Columbia in 2013. Akash’s research centers on the importing of science and philosophy in the early Italian lyric and Dante and on the implications of intercultural mingling in the Italian Middle Ages. He has published in the journal Textual Cultures and the Literary Encyclopedia, and has forthcoming pieces in the volume Eternity: A History (OUP, 2016), the journal Pedagogy, and the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Global Literature. Akash is currently working on his first book, Dante’s Elements: Translation and Natural Philosophy from Giacomo da Lentini to the Comedy and collaborating with Richard Lansing (Brandeis University) on the first complete English translation of Giacomo da Lentini’s poetry.

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