Undivine Comedy

The Undivine Comedy: Detheologizing Dante

by Teodolinda Barolini
Princeton University Press
Princeton, New Jersey,1992.

Chapter 01, Detheologizing Dante: Realism, Reception, and the Resources of Narrative

Chapter 02, Infernal Incipits: The Poetics of the New

Chapter 03, Ulysses, Geryon, and the Aeronautics of Narrative Transition

Chapter 04, Narrative and Style in Lower Hell

Chapter 05, Purgatory as Paradigm: Traveling in the New and Never-Before-Traveled Path of This Life/Poem

Chapter 06, Re-presenting What God Presented: The Arachnean Art of the Terrace of Pride

Chapter 07, Nonfalse Errors and the True Dreams of the Evangelist

Chapter 08, Problems in Paradise: The Mimesis of Time and the Paradox of piu e meno

Chapter 09, The Heaven of the Sun as a Meditation on Narrative

Chapter 10, The Sacred Poem is Forced to Jump: Closure and the Poetics of Enjambment

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