The Cambridge Companion to Dante

The Cambridge Companion to Dante

edited by Rachel Jacoff
New York: University of Cambridge Press, 1993.

Chapter 01, “Life of Dante”
by Giuseppe Mazzotta

Chapter 02, “Dante and the Lyric Past”
by Teodolinda Barolini

Chapter 03, “Approaching the Vita Nuova”
by Robert Pogue Harrison

Chapter 04, “The unfinished author: Dante’s rhetoric of authority in Convivio and de vulgaria eloquentia”
by Albert Russell Ascoli

Chapter 05, “Dante and the empire”
by Charles Till Davis

Chapter 06, “Dante and Florence”
by John M. Najemy

Chapter 07, “Dante and the classical poets”
by Kevin Brownlee

Chapter 08, “Dante and the Bible”
by Peter S. Hawkins

Chapter 09, “The theology of Dante”
by Christopher Ryan

Chapter 10, “A poetics of chaos and harmony”
by Joan Ferrante

Chapter 11, “Introduction to Inferno”
by John Freccero

Chapter 12, “Introduction to Purgatorio”
by Jeffrey T. Schnapp

Chapter 13, “‘Shadowy prefaces’: An Introduction to Paradiso”
by Rachel Jacoff

Chapter 14, “Dante and his commentators”
by Robert Hollander

Chapter 15, “Dante in English”
by David Wallace


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